Case Study

ShowLabs is Elastic Suite’s premier content partner, elevating B2B products to improve speed-to-market, sell-in, and sell-through.

Why ShowLabs?

ShowLabs combines innovative technology solutions together with a streamlined production process that brings your products to life – faster, better, and cost efficiently – in order to digitally transform the most critical stages of your go-to-market wholesale cycle. Read more about our partnership here.

Production Time

We work within tight wholesale GTM timelines and sample production schedules.

Industry Expertise

We are experts in outdoor & action sports and understand the intricacies of these products.

B2B Specific

We create the content that is required of B2B buyers and can mock up/recreate products as samples become available or sell-in demands adjustments.

Read about how ShowLabs + Elastic client, The North Face is finding B2B success with enhanced product content.

Immediate Value for Elastic Suite Customers

Brands that have elevated product content see an increase in average wholesale order size by 23%

Read more about the data here


    a quote about how this partnership is bringing an elevated commerce experience for brands, retail buyers and ultimately end consumers.

    Ryan Cline?
    VP, Customer Operations, Elastic Suite

    Direct-to-Elastic Asset Delivery

    One of the most valuable components to the Elastic & ShowLabs relationship is our deep understanding of the Elastic platform and required file types and asset naming conventions. Our Client Success Managers and Operations teams work with brand leaders to pre-set product and file specs so that upon asset delivery, each file is automatically named and sized according to Elastic protocols. This eliminates costly process of manual resizing, editing or file renaming.

    ShowLabs can deliver directly to a brand’s FTP or DAM so that content is instantly available, in real time on each Elastic site. This means that brands can be ready for sell-in season as soon as catalogs are live!

    2024 snapshot

    • ## Brand Partners
    • 8000 products shot
    • 32000 assets produced
    • 100000 assets delivered
    • other numbers
    • even more numbers
    • something else

    Content Examples

    Content Services

    • On-Mannequin
    • Lay flat & pinboard
    • On-Model photo or video
    • 360° & Interactive

    Strategic Services

    • Ecommerce & virtual content strategy
    • Asset management & delivery
    • Creative direction & management
    • Production management

    Post-Production Services

    • Color matching & correction
    • Wrinkle reduction & scuff removal
    • Clipping & layering paths
    • Shaping, positioning & symmetry
    • Produc modification

    About ShowLabs

    Founded in April 2021, ShowLabs is the world’s premier visual commerce solution built to provide brands both with a solution for producing high-quality visual assets at neck-breaking speeds while also empowering them with an AI-powered software platform capable of managing those assets through the entire commerce lifecycle. ShowLabs customers benefit from increased productivity, high volume asset creation, a full spectrum of innovative content types, and deployment productivity and insights. Based in Denver, Colorado, ShowLabs is backed by First Mile Ventures and Stout Street Capital and supports customers worldwide.