ShowLabs is Elastic Suite’s premier content partner, helping brands unlock a world of visual content proven to drive sell-in and sell-through ecommerce sales.

Why ShowLabs?

ShowLabs is the gold standard visual commerce solution created to:

  • Set the bar for the process and quality of content creation
  • Provide the simplest solution for delivering the right content into all B2B & retail commerce channels
  • Drive sales (sell-in & sell-through) via automated data-driven content optimization

Ultimately, the ShowLabs/Elastic partnership frees Elastic brands from thousands of collective hours, produces hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, and empowers each brand to strategically deploy assets that are proven to impact sales.

How Elastic brands benefit from the partnership

#1: Synergize your B2B and DTC

Consolidate B2B and DTC productions. Produce high-quality assets that are shot once and used for both sell-in and sell-through.

#2: ShowLabs ups your asset game

From 360 spins and 3D renders to on-model videos and detail images (close-up features and textures), we get brands up to speed with enhanced, sales-driving assets.

#3: Notch huge wins by reducing TTM

ShowLabs’ Planning and Logistics team develop productions designed to significantly accelerate a brand’s time-to-market allowing them to take advantage of early season boosts in sales.

#4: Supercharge your Elastic experience

Expand your capabilities within Elastic’s digital showroom pages — transforming them into beautiful, immersive, and interactive product experiences.

Customer success spotlight

Discover how Elastic Suite client, The North Face, is working with ShowLabs to elevate their vision for content creation while simultaneously increasing content production by 300%.
Read the case study

Quick wins & immediate value for Elastic brands

  • Elastic brands using enhanced product content see an increase in average order size by 23%
  • ShowLabs’ workflow can generate time savings that result in a 3x-5x increase in time-to-market
  • ShowLab’s SHYFT software uses AI to reduce editing time, resulting in an annual average savings of $49,500*
  • Brands like The North Face are experiencing up to a 3X increase in productivity

*Based on $80,000 FTE, 45 weeks/year, 40 hours/week, 5 resources who edit & publish content (internal & external) @ avg. 20 hours/week and 45 weeks/year, a 25% efficiency improvement. [Hourly cost  x  Hours spent  x  Efficiency improvement %  =  Annual savings]

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Direct-to-Elastic asset delivery

One of the most valuable components to the Elastic & ShowLabs relationship is our deep understanding of the Elastic platform and required file types, variants needed, and asset naming conventions. Our Client Success Managers and Operations teams work with brand leaders to pre-set product and file specs so that upon asset delivery, each file is automatically named and sized according to Elastic protocols. This eliminates costly processes of manual resizing, editing, and file renaming. In addition, ShowLabs’ AI-led DAP (digital asset performance) software automates variant creation eliminating hundreds of hours in between asset capture and delivery.

ShowLabs can also deliver directly to a brand’s FTP or DAM so that content is instantly available in real time on each Elastic site. This means that brands can be ready for sell-in season as soon as catalogs are live!

A few of the brands we work with

Content examples

“By empowering our clients to take full advantage of enhanced assets like video, 3D, and 360 spins, we’re moving the entire wholesale ecosystem to a more visual experience. This improves the commerce experience for buyers and end consumers and has proven to increase sales for brands. We’re excited to be working with ShowLabs as our Preferred Partner to help Elastic brands generate new levels of success.”

ShowLabs services

Content services

  • On-mannequin
  • Lay flat & pinboard
  • On-model photo or video
  • 360° & interactive

Post-production services

  • Color matching & correction
  • Wrinkle reduction & scuff removal
  • Clipping & layering paths
  • Shaping, positioning & symmetry
  • Product modification

Strategic services

  • Ecommerce content strategies
  • Asset management & delivery
  • Creative direction & management
  • Production management

About ShowLabs

Founded in April 2021, ShowLabs is the world’s premier visual commerce solution built to provide brands both with a solution for producing high-quality visual assets at neck-breaking speeds while also empowering them with an AI-powered software platform capable of managing those assets through the entire commerce lifecycle. ShowLabs customers benefit from increased productivity, high volume asset creation, a full spectrum of innovative content types, and deployment productivity and insights. Based in Denver, Colorado, ShowLabs is backed by First Mile Ventures and Stout Street Capital and supports customers worldwide.