ShowLabs Achieves Preferred Partner Status with Elastic Suite

ShowLabs Achieves Preferred Partner Status with Elastic Suite

Named as a Preferred Partner, Elastic selects ShowLabs as a group of innovators recognized to be a proven solution for helping their brands drive bottom line success.

We’re thrilled to announce that ShowLabs has achieved Preferred Partner status from Elastic Suite by Emerald, a next-generation wholesale B2B platform for streamlined efficiencies in purchasing and merchandising.

ShowLabs provides the outdoor industry with the gold standard in visual commerce solutions. We provide a range of transformative digital solutions that standardize the process of content creation, provide the industry’s simplest solution for delivering content into any commerce channel, and help brands drive ecommerce sales through automated data-driven visual asset optimization.

“ShowLabs is thrilled to partner with Elastic Suite to empower our shared clients. Their innovative solutions and customer dedication perfectly align with our vision for success. Together, we’ll revolutionize the ecommerce industry, offering unparalleled value and transformative experiences for brands and retailers alike.”

– Danny Effron, CEO, ShowLabs

What does becoming an Elastic Preferred Partner mean for our customers?

Our founders and engineers are closely familiar with Elastic Suite’s platform, meaning that our Preferred Partner status is more than a recognition — it is a requisite that drives bottom line value. In the hands of Elastic brands, ShowLabs unlocks potential in a multitude of ways. Here are just three to start with:

  1. Supercharged Elastic sites: ShowLabs hosts a team of Elastic Product Specialists with the expertise that can help brands to expand their presentation capabilities within Elastic digital showroom pages and transform standard digital catalog  pages into beautiful, immersive, and interactive product presentations.
  1. Consolidated B2B and DTC productions: ShowLabs’ empowers brands to deliver time savings and budget efficiencies by consolidating B2B and DTC productions. By producing high-quality enhanced assets that are shot once and repurposed for sell-in and sell-through, we can immediately begin to post wins in the areas of productivity, overall efficiency improvement, and cost.
  1. Reduced time-to-market: “Speed to market is the ‘first profit driver’.” Read the Market Velocity report from CapGemini. Knowing this, ShowLabs’ production workflow along with Elastic spec management and preformatted asset delivery, have been designed to empower Elastic brands to optimize their speed to market at levels never seen before. Read about more Obermeyer’s results. We’re freeing Elastic brands to present and deliver their products to customers (both wholesale and directly) before competitors, gaining important market advantages such as early season boosts in sales.

Where is all this momentum coming from? 

It all comes down to Elastic brands looking (more like needing) to drive business value from their investment in visual content for the commerce space. With ShowLabs, you can automate the manual process of asset management and asset deployment, saving time and resources. ShowLabs customers have reported results ranging from 3x to 5x productivity increases. Meaning brands save time and money all while upping the quality of their visual assets across all commerce channels. From 360 spins and 3D images to on-model videos and detail-focused images (close-up features and textures), we know how to get brands on the path towards producing higher quality assets that are proven to drive sales:

  • Research shows that image-enhanced product pages see a 95% traffic surge. 
  • Brands that use 360º photos elevate viewer engagement from 32% to 50%.
  • Pages that include video increase conversions up to 86%.

“By empowering our clients to take full advantage of enhanced assets like video, 3D, and 360 spins, we’re moving the entire wholesale ecosystem to a more visual experience. This improves the commerce experience for buyers and end consumers and has proven to increase sales for brands. We’re excited to be working with ShowLabs as our Preferred Partner to help Elastic brands generate new levels of success.”

— Ryan Cline, VP of Client Operations, Elastic Suite