If you’re one of the last outdoor brands still using CAD drawings, please read this now

We all know about CAD. These technical drawings undoubtedly serve a crucial purpose in the early stages of product design and manufacturing. However, as the landscape of ecommerce continues to innovate, it’s becoming increasingly clear that CAD drawings are unable to provide both wholesale and consumer buyers with the product experience and visual information that are needed to convincingly drive sales.

Experiences are everything
CAD drawings are clinical by design and serve a purpose much like an architect’s blueprint for a house. However, if we needed to sell that house, showing a buyer an overhead technical drawing of the house isn’t going to get it done. Homes are now sold through immersive 3D visual experiences in tandem with a gallery of beautiful photographs capturing all angles of the home. Buyers demand an experience that sparks excitement and an emotional connection for something they’re looking at in the digital space.

CAD no more
Like in real estate, the outdoor retail vertical is no different. On the wholesale side of things, the industry standard has changed. CAD is now bad. And the demand for tangible, real-life product photography and enhanced assets (3D renders, 360 spins, on-model videos, etc.) heavily influences a buyer’s purchasing decisions throughout the sell-in phase.

Within the modern-day virtual wholesale ecosystem, where order deadlines are tight and physical showroom visits are limited, brands relying solely on CADs are at a serious disadvantage to their competitors.

Even down-market in ecommerce retail channels, major platforms like Amazon have already stopped supporting and are now blocking sellers from uploading CAD type assets on product detail pages. This is a direct result of Amazon attempting to improve its retail customer experience knowing what types of assets connect emotionally and drive conversion and sales.

The trend is clear that any brand not making the shift away from CAD is risking putting themselves in a competitive market where visual appeal plays a critical role.

Let us help you go CAD-less
At ShowLabs we’ve set set the bar for the best process and highest quality product content in the industry. Our proprietary software is the simplest solution for delivering the right content directly into all B2B and retail commerce channels. And, everything we help brands create is intended to drive sales for both sell-in & sell-through.

100% of our customers have moved away from CADs and over to higher quality photography or enhanced assets such as on-model video, 360 spins, or 3Ds. Most are also seeing 3-6x YoY sales increases in their wholesale GTM cycles.

Polly Babcock, Director of Operations, ShowLabs

We’ve helped dozens of blue-chip brands (e.g. The North Face, Obermeyer, Spyder, Kari Traa, Outdoor Research, Royal Robbins, Simms, Topo Designs, 686, etc.) bridge the gap between CAD drawings and the demands of the modern B2B and DTC omnichannel customers. With ShowLabs, brands can showcase their products in the best possible light, fostering trust, driving sales, and staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

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