Five Reasons Elastic Brands Love ShowLabs

ShowLabs helps brands unlock a world of visual content proven to drive sell-in and sell-through ecommerce sales.

A picture used to be worth a thousand words. But in today’s digital experience-driven world, it’s been proven to now be worth millions. Skeptical? Check out these stats:

  • High-quality product photos have proven to yield a 94% higher conversion rate.1
  • 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos to make purchasing decisions.2
  • Half of shoppers and B2B buyers prioritize image quality over descriptions and reviews.3
  • 50% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase if they feel an emotional connection with a brand4

At ShowLabs, we’re on a mission to move the world away from “digital asset management” and into “digital asset performance” helping brands and retailers realize the full sales potential behind their visual content. Whether you’re pitching ShowLabs to leadership or want to communicate the value of higher quality, enhanced visual assets in your B2B or DTC channels — we’ve outlined five key benefits that brands most appreciate about ShowLabs and how they can help move your brand closer towards unlocking a new level of sales potential.

#1: Showlabs Synergizes the B2B and DTC Sides

ShowLabs’ empowers brands to deliver impactful time savings and budget efficiencies by consolidating B2B and DTC productions. By producing high-quality enhanced assets that are shot once and used both for sell-in and sell-through, we can immediately begin to post wins in the areas of productivity, overall efficiency improvement, and cost.

#2: ShowLabs Helps Brands Up Their Asset Game

Research shows that image-enhanced product pages see a 95% traffic surge. In addition, brands that use 360º photos elevate viewer engagement from 32% to 50%, and pages that include video increase conversions up to 86%.5 With statistics like this, ShowLabs is committed to creating content strategies and productions that can quickly get brands into the enhanced asset game. From 360 spins and 3D images to on-model videos and detail-focused images (close-up features and textures), we know how to get brands on the path towards producing these sales-driving assets.

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#3: We Know Storytelling is for Everyone (B2B and DTC)

High-quality visual content contributes significantly to visual storytelling. Statistics have shown that storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30%. Even 62% of B2B marketers hold storytelling in high regard as an effective content marketing tactic.6 At ShowLabs we help brands use assets to create a variety of unique stories. From narratives to show-and-tell, our assets create emotional connections for brands and their products.

#4: ShowLabs Notches Huge Wins by Reducing Time-To-Market

The easiest way to gain competitive advantages downstream is to simply set up a beachhead before everyone else. As noted in a recent Capgemini report, “speed to market is the ‘first profit driver.’ By optimizing speed to market and becoming a ‘first mover’ you can present and deliver your product to end-customers before competitors, gaining an important market advantage.” ShowLabs’ Planning, Management, and Logistics team develop productions designed to significantly accelerate a brand’s time-to-market allowing them to take advantage of early season boosts in sales.

#5: We Know How to Help Brands Supercharge Elastic

Time-to-Value begins Day One for brands using Elastic and working with ShowLabs. Between a team of Elastic Integration Specialists and the ability to help brands expand their presentation capabilities within their digital showroom pages, we can transform standard Elastic product pages into beautiful, immersive and interactive product presentations.

Get ahead with ShowLabs

Unlocking a world of visual content proven to drive sell-in and sell-through sales starts by working with the right partner. One that can help you realize the full sales potential behind your visual content the way we do here at ShowLabs. We are rooted in “digital asset performance” that is budget-compatible and designed to elevate and enhance the quality of your visual content — improving time-to-market and impacting sales for both B2B and DTC.

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